Crown has separated itself from the competition with our new composite wall.  We have been nationally recognized for this exclusive product innovation.  Composite materials have revolutionized almost every industry including automotive, aviation, boating and building products.

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Our exclusive composite material utilizes the strength of wood and combines that with the low conductivity and low maintenance of vinyl.  You see, no longer do you need to settle for COLD aluminum hidden behind a thin sleeve of vinyl or coated with paint! You have the choice of the warmth and strength of our exclusive composite product!

The Super-Room is also engineered with an internal bracketing system, totally eliminating the unsightly screws and fasteners from the inside and outside of your room.

 Combine all of thiswith our non-dent panels, energy efficient windows, insulated roof and decking, built in electrical raceways, color options and even optional custom made shades, and you’ll have a new “favorite room in the house”.

What makes it SUPER?

Exclusive vinyl/wood composite construction

Blends in with all types of architecture

•  Quick installation system. No contractors hanging

    around for months!

•  Maintenance free and dent free

•  Colors available: white, almond and clay

•  Built-in electrical raceways

•  Optional High performance Low-E glass with

   Super Spacer®

•  Optional custom made shades