2802, 2016

Retractable Awnings Allentown PA

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Retractable Awnings in Allentown PA
There are a number of retractable awning companies from which to choose. From a distance, they all look similar. But upon close examination, you will discover the huge disparity between Designer Awnings of Allentown, PA and all the others is obvious. Designer Awnings are all about quality,choices and superior engineering. That’s […]

1609, 2014

Welcome to Designer Awnings Allentown PA

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Designer Awning Allentown PA
Homeowners get so much more for their money when they select Designer Awnings in Allentown, PA. Chances are that if you are like most people who are considering buying awnings, you buy them to add a bit more shade to your outdoor patio or deck. That’s a great reason, as well as […]