WHY Designer Awnings

Designer Awnings has just celebrated its 20th year in Business in Sept 2019. We are a family
owned company that has been serving the local communities for over 2 decades. Designer awnings
chose Sunesta to manufacturer their awnings in their world class facility in Jacksonville Florida.
Sunesta offers us:

. Custom made awnings
. Quality design & construction
. Large fabric selection
. Best warranties in the industry
. fast delivery
. Excellent customer service
. A reputable leading manufacturer partnering with a local professional dealer.

As the pioneer in manufacturing customized retractable awnings, Sunesta offers unmatched engineering for perfect performance. Since 1981, we have led the industry in technological advances, and continue this tradition of engineering excellence in all our products. Every component, feature and option is designed with this focus on innovation.

Sunesta’s in-house experts partner with other component specialists and engineers around the world to ensure our awning systems offer best-in-class technology. We invented the process of computer-aided awning manufacturing, and our proprietary equipment and processes ensure precise customization with the industry’s fastest turnaround time.

For you, this means your awning is perfectly crafted by our team of experts with attention to every last detail.

Look for the Sunesta Lifetime Service Label

Only Sunesta Retractable Awnings are branded with a unique order number. We call it the SmartCode™
– your awning’s individual I.D. number.
Through the SmartCode system,we keep your custom order details and specifications in our database, allowing us to answer product questions and provide updates regarding your individual awning. We have a SmartCode on file for each awning produced, for instant, customized service.

Current Jobs Pending 4
Jobs Completed This Month 6
Jobs Completed On Time 98%
Happy Customers 100%